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Codename: Sharkei
Powers: Breathe Underwater, can swim at fast speeds, Powerful Jaws, Climbing
Sharkei Makita
/ Codename: Sharkei
Powers: Breathe Underwater, can swim at fast speeds, Powerful Jaws, Climbing


Sharkei is a shark-like humanoid and the son of Bigbear Makita. Growing up in Hawaii, he is known to be one of the best surfers and swimmers. However, he's also known to be rowdy, quirky, hyper, energetic, and a bit shy. He has three star pillows: one that he usually takes to swim with, while the other two are for when he sleeps. Each of the three pillows say "Dear God, were depending on you", a reminder to him that God will always love him, and Sharkei will always love God and depend on him in his life. A skilled dancer of both Hawaiian and Puerto Rican music, both of which are his two race heritages, he can easily out-skill even the best dancers. He is also skilled at adapting to other traditional music but doesn't involve himself to music that is diabolic or something that God does not tolerate, as he is a believer of Jesus Christ. The traits of this character and incarnate of Jurakan (Hinting that Sharkei is one of the main protagonists) and a boy with endless energy also makes him a bit of an outcast to the locals but was accepted after Chi and his friends teamed up with Sharkei to stop the volcano from erupting, all because Tyroar, the Incineroar humanoid, tried to gain more attention by setting off a volcano that nearly destroyed Hawaii's population during which Sharkei lost challenges because Tyroar kept breaking his own rules just to win. Sharkei succeeded while Tyroar began to confess that the reason he was an outcast was because he compared Sharkei with the legendary figure, Nanaue. Sharkei already forgave him and Tyroar stopped trying to be an attention seeker, allowing Sharkei to be the victor of all the challenges. Sharkei lived with his father at Hawaii and continued both his surfing, swimming, and dancing careers while also being one of Dunk's guild members.
by Gh2da
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