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Kenjiro Takamashi
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Japanese Talents: Sumo, American Wrestling, Judo, Aikido
Kenjiro Takamashi
/ Kenjiro Takamashi
Age: 17 Species: Human Race: Japanese Talents: Sumo, American Wrestling, Judo, Aikido


Kenjiro Takamashi is a junior and ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Sumo Wrestler. He is known to be goofy, comical-like, gluttonous, slob-ish, gassy, loving, considerate, flirty, childish, and boastful. Kenjiro was known to be a pervertive creep flirting with other women and even showing his own body made up of heavy fat. However, this was due to wanting to be loved because of his parents rejection towards him and their strict rules. He was even forced to let go of the girl he loved name Mikatoro Fukuyoma, the Ultimate Gold Digger and sentenced to execution for murder as a blackened. However, Kai Makita, a non-ultimate student who still participates in the class trials, informs him that he is never alone and has others such as fans who adore him and wish to be just like him, implementing that Kenjiro is being seen as a role model for kids of future generation, which made Kenjiro break down sobbing in pure relief and joy. This was when he was a freshman. Now as a junior, he strives to make sure that he doesn't follow that same disgusting path he took just to seek love in the wrong ways and even has a new girlfriend name Narasya Naak, who dated him after being comforted by him from Molly Lisanna, a "bff" who basically stabbed her in the back and was pummeled by Narasya as a result. Kenjiro would eventually become a victim of Scissorman and forced to survive while escaping the murderer. He first encounters him when the referee began to inflate helium via through the anal area and popped like a balloon (no gore took place, just the pop). Witnessing this, he realizes that the ballooned referee's body is just a plastic like dummy model and only revealing the decapitated head of the referee, clicking two together that the referee is already dead. Scissorman then popped out of hiding and proceeded to chase Kenjiro until Kenjiro ground pounded him on the face, thus knocking him out for a while. Despite the silly move he made, Kenjiro is shown to be more brains than just brawns when he looked back to the conversation he had with Nancy as to how she survived, and followed those steps. Though there's not a lot of hiding spaces in the building, Kenjiro uses his sumo, judo, and American wrestling techniques against Scissorman as well as using parts of his fatter body such as his belly and buttocks to knock him out cold. He manages to create an escape route and survives, informing the attack to Nancy the next day. Currently, Kenjiro continues to be a helpful companion/friend and even became an instructor/teacher for sumo kids. Ultimate: Sumo Wrestler


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