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Himari Yua Judgment
Himari Yua
/ Himari Yua Judgment


(She is a fanmade character by me her name is Himari Yua) her back story : her mother was a múrder in school because her mother is a yandere,(So that means Himari is a half yandere (she can be easyly angry) she is a masked thief team leader her mask is the same that fumiya Sugiura Wears She watched everything Sugiura did because she found it suspicious that he is left the thief team he was in when he standedin front of Yagami and Kaito in the first part and he taked off his mask Himari Fall in love Himari's rival is Akane from Seiryo high school but she doesn't k1ll her. She finds out that Matsun likes Akane so she makes Akane fall in love with Matsun and she can have Sugiura. (She can fight because she is in a thief girl team she is the leader of the team) She goes to Yokahama99 because her mother sent an assasin after her,Her mother Akari Yua is worried because her daughter knows what she did and her daughter is not a bad person like her. (Her dressing style : Gothic) (she's a half yandere but she doesn't k1ll humans)


by Zerks
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