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Anglem Toronto
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: American/Caucasian
Anglem Torento
/ Anglem Toronto
Age: 15 Species: Human Race: American/Caucasian


Anglem Toronto is a special student diagnosed with severe autism and a freshman at Hope's Peak High. She is known to be nonverbal, childlike, fussy, expressionless, energetic, carefree, and unpredictable. Anglem has a huge problem of keeping her hands to herself and often loves to play and run around with no care in the world. Because of her grabby behavior, she was forced to wear arm braces so that she can't take what doesn't belong to her, a mechanism that her parents were forced to use given by Cat Makita, Ultimate Headmaster of Hope's Peak High. She is also constantly supervised due to her lack of acknowledging her surroundings and running away as of means to play. Anglem behaved like this until the original special needs paras got fired and replaced by the Neko-Kittens, who made her stay only inside the Special Daycare and prohibiting her from leaving the room until she's ready to follow instructions. Anglem also had to wear a safety vest from now on whenever she had to walk outside. 2 months later, Anglem's behavior changed slowly but rapidly as she started to learn more about being cared for and needing to know when's the right time to play and what's not the right time to play, as well as becoming more obedient.
by MO
by RYO 73
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