Bufu Makita
/ Name: Bufu Makita
Powers: Ice Generation, Snow Mimicry, Hail Summoning, Ice Manipulation, Ice Immunity, Fire Freezing, Snow Teleportation
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Bufu Makita is the Death Game's 3rd Floor Master and is the Ultimate Ice Queen. She is known to be timid, shy, creepy, smart, and caring. Bufu plays as not only Floor Master, but also as Hope's Peak High's Nurse. Yep, turns out she has a medical license for the medical field. Despite wearing an attire that makes her look like a wizard, she does not indulge herself in magic arts, but rather use her own powers genetically given from her father's, Xavier Makita, genes. While she is working with her older brother Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster and player of the Main Game, and becoming menacing whenever someone creates false hope, she is very polite, respectful, kind-hearted, and understanding. Ultimate: Ice Queen




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