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Grant Mustang Jr.
/ JAU Grant Mustang Jr.
Age: 36 Species: Horse Race: African-American Powers: Bovine Physiology/Self-Steatokinesis/Superhuman Kicking/Self-Hyper Pygakinesis/Supernatural Strength
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Grant was interviewed by Section Chief Emily Prentiss, remembering the time where the JAU was up and running, and the day where the traumatic event took place within the prison while interviewing prisoners about a crime, which was eventually exposed as a ruse by Spiraltzi Webb, one of the JAU members in disguise. Having to relive those times caused a few session breaks, as Grant began to break into sobs of grief and trauma. This version of Grant was when he was loud, aggressive, rude, stern, hot-headed, profane, and goofy.


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