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Okada Moro
Age: 20 Species: Human Race: Japanese
Okada Moro
/ Okada Moro
Age: 20 Species: Human Race: Japanese


Okada Moro is a college student at Hope's Peak High and survivor of the Scissorman Massacre. He is known to be gassy, gluttonous, a bit stubborn, kind-hearted, strong, softy, comical, and vulgar. Okada was known for his vulgar behavior and was a buffed up jock for his football team. However, he was kicked out after gaining to much pounds of fat in his body. Apparently, Okada had a glutton problem and often eats a lot, but this time he ordered too much food that the customers had to leave. The more he ate, the more Okada expands. His belt was the only way to keep that heavy pounds of weight into place. Unfortunately, Okada's belly, chest, buttocks, arms, and legs began to slowly inflate with the fat he putted on himself and, when his belt reached it's limits and bursts, explodes into a ginormous blob of mass that took up half of the entire road. Cat had to intervene and activate his Steatokinesis to bring Okada back to normal but leaving him as a fat tub of lard. Cat grinned and told Okada about the serum he injected in him while the now ex-jock was asleep and how he made a kid become suicidal. Okada eventually humbled himself and became more open-hearted and soft while still being a bit vulgar from time to time. Okada would eventually find himself in another predicament as he was dragged into helping out Tara's best friend Nancy Price, a victim of the Clock Tower case. In Tara and Okada's side story, Okada wouldn't believe that there was a Scissorman but really did because of seeing Nancy in a state of constant worry. However, after getting chased down by Scissorman when retrieving a statue located in house owned by a retired butler name Rick, who would be eventually murdered by his dog, and seeing that weaponry have no effect on Scissorman, Okada was forced to believe that Scissorman is real. He would also be the one to save Tara in the climax of their story by shooting at Bobby Barrow, the revealed Scissorman, in the eye and coming to Tara's rescue. The rest of the other side stories continue with Okada still not believing that Scissorman is real until one of the side protagonists gets chased around the library by Scissorman. He is currently in college still being the warm-hearted brute he is and sharing stronger bonds, but still eats a lot and eventually having a huge farting problem.


by MO
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