Futaba Sakura
/ Codename: Oracle
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Japanese Persona: Necronomicon
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Oracle is a childish, unique girl. But she is also an extremely excellent hacker and support/navigator of the Phantom Thieves of Hearts. When she was forced to play the Persona Nonary Game however, her powers and abilities increased. She is able to hover, create force fields that can act like a gyro sphere, shield, and counter shield for both herself and her companions (Both old and new). She can hack into systems without using any technology as well. Sensing and Navigating is also something she can do originally. Blunt, Supportive, Smart, and walks at the beat of her own drum, She's one unique girl indeed. Persona: Necronomicon




by Donkey
by コウ
by Banana
by Kanji
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