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Gao Rokata
Powers: Bodily Gas Manipulation
Gao Rokata
/ Gao Rokata
Powers: Bodily Gas Manipulation


Gao Rokata is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and is the son of Deven Rokata. He is known to be boorish, drowsy, a munchie eater, and extremely gassy. Constantly laid-back, Gao plays as a supporting character/protagonist for Kai and Tau Makita. There's not a lot to say about Gao, but one thing is for sure: Gao is known to have an incredibly weird-ass power called Bodily Gas Manipulation. Or Flatulence if you would. Gao can easily bloat with gas within minutes, and his belly begins to expand into a sphere-like shape, making painful stomach growls as well. Storing up too much gas will give Gao the ability to literally break winds, sending people and everything flying in the air. Despite being both weird and comical-like, Gao really loves his family and friends but doesn't want to become an embarrassment for them and shuts himself from everyone and doesn't even go to his classes, preferring to do homework inside his apartment. Currently, he is living with his cousins and siblings in the same dorm room meant for college students (Cat let this slide for them since their his family).


by Joii
by xen
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