Pan Olympus
/ Criminal Pan Olympus
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Former Greek god and criminal. Taking Pan Jr. hostage, he proves RCIS and NCIS that his real name is Crotus Olympus, formerly known as Sagittarius. Pan tries to convince Crotus to come back with the rest of the satyrs, but refuses and sticks to his role as Forensic Pathologist. Pan continues, even threatening and making false promises to lure him in, but to no avail. Eventually, Pan was forced to bring Crotus back to NCIS HQ after the Mad Hatter secretly cast the spell Avada Kedavra, not fully killing him but to taunt RCIS and NCIS. Pan, in distress and grief, decides to turn himself into the police. Fortunately, Pan and Crotus has reconciled with one another, with Pan himself respecting his son's decision and wishing to become a better role model himself. Pan eventually disbanded the rest of the satyrs.


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