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Kurabu Rokata
Powers: Telepathy
Kurabu Rokata
/ Kurabu Rokata
Powers: Telepathy


Kurabu Rokata is the son of Deven Rokata and a half sibling of the Rokata Offspring. He is known to be fussy, anxious, picky, sweet, energetic, whiney, and reckless. A toddler born and diagnosed with autism, Kurabu can be too stubborn to listen and has a hard time focusing being disciplined, screaming and throwing a tantrum to the point that he has an autism meltdown. Kurabu has the ability of Telepathy, telling his parents through his mind that he wants something or is needy of something. However, his parents don't understand him and Kurabu doesn't even know how he's using his powers let alone even acknowledging it. Kurabu's constant meltdowns grew even worse when reaching his toddler stage. He even has a hard time being potty trained. Eventually, Kurabu was taken to a certain room for small children like him in Paternity Court because his dad suspected cheating from his wife. And this wasn't Deven but rather a different one. The test results confirmed that Kurabu's current dad AND mom is not the biological parents and Deven stepped into court the next day to prove that he's the father. As the results proved correct, Deven takes custody of his child and left with his new boy. Kurabu is of course confused and cries for his mom and dad, but doesn't realize that he's having a new home. The meltdown subsided when he looked at his new home: a ginormous house with all his family members such as aunts, uncles, siblings, nephews, nieces, and cousins. Kurabu was also given a baby walker, a baby jumper, a horse rocker, etc. All of which were in his own bedroom. Kurabu was happy of his new room and home, easily adapting to it. Currently, Kurabu still has meltdowns but not as every day, and is even clumsy at times and will scream in pain but will eventually stop quickly and he'll feel okay again.


lilly kind
4 months ago
So cute 🐶🐶
by Joii
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