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Name: Aegiea Quincy
Aegiea Quincy
/ Name: Aegiea Quincy


Aegiea Quincy is a student of Hope's Peak High. He is known to be patient, wise, considerate, and highly intelligent. Known as the Ultimate Servant, Aegiea makes sure that his clients are happy with any type of service needed. He may look female with his Maid outfit, but when he's outside of his work, he's just a regular boy. Some of the students mistaken him for being female due to his outfit, but he makes it clear that he is in fact male and that, when it comes to romance, has more interests in girls in case someone mistakes him for something else entirely. One of the wisest, most intelligent, and helpful students when it comes to trials, he unfortunately met his demise but not without leaving extremely well hidden clues to the culprit, making his final move as a servant doing his best for others. He was murdered in the library's closet, making it his "hiding" place so that the killer would spot him in the obvious. His death brought great distraught but also hope, even opening eyes to the stubborn. Ultimate: Servant


by Tawa
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