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Selene Faultz
Selene Faultz
/ Selene Faultz


Selene Faultz is a normal student at Hope's Peak High and one of Chi's biology classmates. She is known to be cheerful, easily annoyed, sarcastic, comical, and independent. Selene doesn't like to be bothered and will express disgust should she see someone being childish, rude, disrespectful, or joking off warnings/rules. She'll also get very defensive should she feel violated or alarmed. When Chi tried to talk with her, she showed signs of discomfort and weirded out due to Chi's blunt and logical behavior. However, when she stated how blunt he is, Chi told her about his autism and that because of it, he can't express himself the way others can and sometimes misjudge others expressions. Selene feels guilty for not knowing something like that sooner and lowers her defensive side, and the two eventually forged a bond with each other that can never be broken, marking Selene as one of Chi's supportive allies.


by Mary
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