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Timmy Poppers
Timmy Poppers
/ Timmy Poppers


Timmy Poppers, nicknamed Tim Tim, is a 6th grader diagnosed with BTS. He is known to be playful, energetic, a bit fussy, and, in Cat's words, retarded. Tim Tim loves music and making sounds, and loves to play with his baby toys. His most favorite thing in the whole wide world is rabbits, evidence due to Tim Tim's house being filled with all kinds of live bunnies and rabbits. His favorite animal became his one greatest weakness, when Tim Tim was crying loudly that he wants to have tokens as well so that he can play games and have fun running around the pizzeria, despite his limitations and the fact that he's on a baby chair with a table in front of him. Why was he at a pizzeria with his family and friends? Because it was Tim Tim's birthday, and the exact day that his mother dies, when Donnie Reils, taking on the persona Killer Lagomorph, used Tim Tim's favoritism towards rabbits and making Tim turn from crying and whining to smiling, wiggling, and giggling. When Tim was happy, Killer Lagomorph then made a dashing leave before anyone could spot him. His mother, now satisfied that Tim stopped crying, went to get the cake ready at the storage room when she was swiftly decapitated by Lagomorph and getting her head stuffed inside a present for Timmy. Tim, unaware that his mother was just killed by the same "rabbit", had some cake after a happy birthday song and began to open up presents. It was all happy and fun, at first, when Tim Tim began to notice something was off: his mother's whereabouts. He thought his mother simply didn't want to attend to his birthday and slowly began to make a sad face ready to cry, but his father cheered him up saying that she's bringing out the best present ever, making Tim feel better. The last present proved both father and son wrong, when Tim opened it up and had his smiles and giggles immediately switched into screaming, crying, and fear as he saw his own mother's severed head. The dad also grew cold and grieved that his beloved wife is now murdered. Because of this, Tim Tim fell into despair and was forced to attend Hope's Peak High so that he can sit in an automatic baby wheelchair, providing his every needs thanks to Cat's Technokinesis. Even though Donnie was locked up after Chi managed to stop him in his tracks, Tim Tim and his father still visited prison to celebrate a birthday Donnie never had, insuring him that Tim Tim would rather leave his own birthday party behind to give it to someone else despite his conditions and limitations. Tim Tim also became close with Chi and forging a bond with both Chi and Donnie that can never be broken, marking him as one of Chi's supportive allies.
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