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Satsukata Fuyushi
/ Satsukata Fuyushi
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Satsukata Fuyushi is an ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and is known as the Ultimate Child Caregiver. As one of the protagonists of her side story, she is known to be cheerful, elegant, energetic, childish, random, and comical. The little sister of Dan Fuyushi, Satsukata was known by all as a bubbly cheerful girl with a heart of gold. Unfortunately, her parents, who were snobby and ignorant, dislikes their daughter for being a arrogance to the family name despite just being a normal family. Satsukata also has a hard time spending time with her brother, since he has numerous gas episodes non-stop, another of which their parents see as a nuisance. Satsukata will soon discover that she is infertile as her birthday is 10 months away and ready to turn 18. To add insult to injury, her boyfriend wishes to have a family together with her unaware that she's infertile. So Satsukata, now at disarray, decides to go to Nuke Makita, a college student at age 19, and seduces him to engage with her. She also made good plans for what's to come too, cutting a hole to each condom and giving him one free of charge. She then engages with her boyfriend, his roommate, and 6 middle aged man. What she didn't realize was that the baby had absorbed the seeds from the different fathers, and thus being planted from all 9 of them. Her newborn baby was something no one expected: a hybrid-like humanoid baby. Still, the baby was healthy and the doctors probably thought it was some kind of deformation and gave Satsukata her baby, which she named him Koi. Her ex-boyfriend, the same boyfriend who dumped her after hearing of the pregnancy, was brought into Paternity Court as a witness alongside Nuke, who in his cocky and playful attitude states that the baby is not his. Cat intervenes and turns the entire courtroom into a class trial, with the judge as a, you guessed, judge for this class trial, with Cat as one of the contestants and bringing the 6 other middle aged men as well. Cat manages to pin the plots Satsukata formed, and a shock of the audience including her family was formed. Even the judge herself couldn't believe it. Satsukata tried to cover it up stating that it's just theorization, until the evidence piles up on her to the point that she tearfully confessed. When she felt all hope is lost, Cat calmly implied that Satsukata was only trying to give her boyfriend, name Oberon Rock, a baby that she couldn't receive and having to use a former test subject of Umbrella to complete this task, even if this means to continue on just in case. Nuke, Oberon and his roommate, and the 6 other fathers came forward to support Satsukata and Koi, which she was tearing up with joy. Currently, she quit school and came back again as a college/ultimate student to finish her school years, now at 19 and currently a girlfriend to Nuke. Ultimate: Child Caregiver




by Donkey
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