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Name: Xi Roden
Powers: Altered Beasts Beasts: Weretiger
Xi Roden (Rokata)
/ Name: Xi Roden
Powers: Altered Beasts Beasts: Weretiger


Xi Roden, O.K.A. Xi Rokata, is the first Genome Cyborg to have been created (remodeled) by Dr. Eric Job. Capable of only wielding one genome chip, He was forgotten and replaced. Back then, when he was 12, he was a prisoner for the murder of 10-12 children and was highly feared as the top predator during his time in jail. It was also when he first discovered Weretiger, a genome chip. Despite Xi being the serious, menacing, and intimidating guy, Weretiger is a bit on the dumb side with a voice sounding like Barney while being airheaded, silly, and weird. Nevertheless, the two became inseparable with their bonds together since Weretiger always supports Xi. Xi once had a bit of rivalry and jealousy towards Tic Vokita, the 3rd Genome Cyborg, but later came to a realization as to why Tic supports others and his fellow genome cyborg companions and co-workers. Having a chilling, sinister tone voice while being a bit stubborn and arrogant, it's a bit hard to get a reading off him, especially when Weretiger is more cheerful and open, but does show signs of respect, consideration, and love for those he cares about while also making wise decisions, as evidence when Xi began to open his eyes about the situation and saving Tic from being absorbed by the 2nd genome cyborg, Annette. Funny fact, Xi has a big habit of eating junk food and having to get new clothes from time to time due to wardrobe malfunction, which Weretiger remarks comical comments about Xi being easily embarrassed and flustered when things go unexpected, another fact that is also very true.
by Noah
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