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Name: Eric Greetman
Powers: Illumination Generation/Manipulation/Physiology, Body Expansion
Eric Greetman
/ Name: Eric Greetman
Powers: Illumination Generation/Manipulation/Physiology, Body Expansion


Eric Greetman is a 12th grader bully and is one of the players of the Main Game. He is known to be arrogant, cocky, skeptical, pushy, goofy, dumb, and a complete menace to anyone he's around. Not only does he pick on others, he also intimidates them and hurting them to the point of blood. Extremely violent, he doesn't hesitate to resort to violence as his sanity slowly depletes to madness. However, he is also suffering from depression and often stuffs junk food in his body and, if at his limit, would make loud burps, huge farts, or even to the point of throwing up while burping it out. Suffering from not only insanity and depression, he's also suffering from confliction and loneliness, living alone all by himself in his home and taking care of himself as his father died in a war and his mother died of lung cancer due to smoking. After the first main game ended with the Sacrifice, Ekira, executed, Eric's mind and emotions began to spiral out of control during the Sub Game at the 3rd floor. Chi (Kai) Makita, the main protagonist, including the other players, began comforting him as Eric was about to take his own life and breaking down into tears as Chi (Kai) stayed behind to watch over him while Eric suddenly cried himself to sleep, exhausted. Eric, despite being a bit uneasy at times, started to at least change, becoming more concerned for others and even cooperating with the other players. And while he still eats a lot, he's starting to control his eating disorder. He also became less arrogant, cocky, skeptical, and pushy and beginning to grow more friendlier while still being childish and goofy (and being a complete doofus).
by SnowyZ
by Sugu
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