Sophia Bellows
/ Sophi Bellows
Age: 7-8 Species: Mutant Race: American Powers: Electromagnetokinesis
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Months after the Witch hauntings at their old home, Sophia, now Sophi, no longer wears little girl victorian outfits and having old fashion dolls and has become more shy yet creepily naive than before due to being bullied at her boarding school. She's also become more curious in nature. Sophi would be a sole target for the Beast and its inhabitants, thanks to her Electromagnetokinesis: the ability to create and manipulate electromagnetic fields, and use her as a gateway to the real world. Fortunately, she was brought back by her stepmother Saranina Bellows. Sophi's behavior is eventually revealed when her memories came back due to suffering a concussion that led her to forget who she is. Fortunately, her memories didn't affect her current behavior.


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