Chris Redfield
/ Chris Redfield (Lion)
Title: Captain Biohazard Magnet Age: 48 Species: Human Race: American Persona: Anhur Element: Tera Weapon: Gunfire, Melee Weaponry, Combat
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Chris' mask that allows him to summon his Persona, Anhur. The Lion Mask symbolizes leadership, responsibility, and bravery. But it can also lead to hardship and loneliness, as well as cowardice, fear, anxiety, and burden. Opponents: Prologue Round: BSAA Soldiers 1st Round: Puma 2nd Round: Doju Ramuijin (Beetle) 3rd Round: Talyson Beauregarde (Bull) 4th Round: Tucker Beauregarde (Raven) 5th Round: Piers Nivans (Eel) 6th Round: Shadow Codelio 7th Round: Tsukiyoma Mikado (Monkey) Chris received a mission to hunt down Talyson Beauregarde, with huge evidence that pinpoints Talyson being one of the scientist of both the Kirijo Group and Umbrella Pharmaceuticals (with only half of the truth). Chris was given a mask to the new foster child Kazuya Hanamura, which shocked Chris because he's seen the report back in China, where the full name Kazuya Hanamura is listed among with the deceased after the breakout in China. He was also suspicious of Marquis from the get-go. He manages to pummel his way through thanks to his Persona, and finally made it to the Announcement Room the BSAA Soldiers behind him and spreading out to corner them. Captain Puma then reveals to be Shadow Codelio and revealing Kazuya's true form: an Anti-Shadow Suppression Weapon body with a sort of feminine build but full masculine body. Chris readies his machine gun, but Piers Nivans appears, reminding Codelio that he is Kazuya, and that his heart was fused with a Plume of Dusk, as well as reminding him that Talyson was the one who saved Kazuya's life by doing so and giving him a codename as well as wiping out the memories as to not arouse Marquis' suspicion, and Marquis being the real culprit of the case. Chris managed to endure the trials and has freed Talyson from suspicion thanks to Piers having a tape recorder from way back during the incident and publishing the footage to the press, which made the world turn against Marquis (a now wanted criminal). Chris was surprised to hear the the public believed Talyson's innocence, and apologized to him for jumping to conclusions. He also fought against Tsukiyoma Mikado, one of the foster kids, who's challenged Chris into a fight to see who gets the prize and being pummeled to the ground with a realization that there was never a prize in the tournament to begin with. Chris is now fully aware of Personas and Shadows, and strives to do better as he learns that there are other explanations and phenomenon other than bioweapons and bioterrorist attacks.


by faxi
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