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quick model to test the gradient map feature i just discovered on krita model is cc0, do whatever you want with it. .vroid file download: www.dropbox.com/s/56ckai4gfsb0uoh/model15STABLE.vroid?dl=0 i have a bunch of wips i cant really finish because i still do not know how to color clothing, but i've figured out how to make clothing in marvelous designer to make blender renders i cant post my renders to vroid hub because i'd like them to be linked to the corresponding model, but i can't fully finish my models. if you're interested in viewing my renders, you can see them at my twitter and artstation. i also have a youtube channel, feel free to drop vroid content you'd like me to make.


by HanaDM
by なる
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Format: VRM 0.0
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