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Name: Mikatoro Fukuyoma
Mikatoro Fukuyoma
/ Name: Mikatoro Fukuyoma


Mikatoro Fukuyoma is a 1st semester student and is the Ultimate Gold Digger. She was known to date many men using her charms and make them give her as much money as she wants, then breaks up with them. some of her ex-lovers even committed suicide out of being rejected by her. She hid her true talent by calling herself the Ultimate Beauty, and even used Kenjiro, the Ultimate Sumo Wrestler, to make her buy what she wants while also playing as an innocent girl, toying with anyone's emotions. Chi (Kai) was the only one to not fall for her tricks as he already seen signs of Mikatoro having a Jezebel spirit. When a class trial took place, the majority suspected Kenjiro for the murder, but Chi managed to turn that around to Mikatoro, exposing her true colors as well as her true talent to everyone. When she was found guilty of murder and found having a blackened heart, she made a blood-curdling scream of insanity and tried to run away from her execution to claim her forever lost prize, not realizing that she fell right into Cat's well-planned out execution. She was executed for her crimes of not only murder, but also of pride, greed, and lust. Ultimate: Gold Digger
by もも
by 阿祥
by 敗將
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