Serenity Payne
/ Name: Serenity Payne
Powers: Echolocation
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Serenity Payne is a blind high schooler who shares the same school with Marcus Edwinard, her classmate. She is known to be sweet, kind, calm, collective, smart, considerate, wise, and thoughtful. Despite her blindness, she never judges a book by it's cover even if she can't see. When she was a little girl, Jaylen Edwinard, Marcus's biological father, murdered her parents as of means to cover up the truth, and their curdling screams traumatized her entire childhood. Serenity is also very patient and forgiving, even encouraging their enemies to do what is right. Don't underestimate her, however, as she may be blind but not removed from her other senses. Serenity uses echolocation, an ability she wields to navigate her surroundings. She is best friends with Naebo, as she was the only one that entered Naebo's detention cell and comforted him after his emotional meltdown in the court. Serenity is currently residing with Tau, Marcus, Naebo, and Cytoshi, Naebo's father. Their bonds are so strong together that they are often confused as being biological family, with Serenity herself playing the role as the older sister despite being a freshman and young.




by Spirax
by Uyuki
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