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Codename: Mars
Mars Whatley
/ Codename: Mars


Mars is Victoria's best friend and a Persona-user. He is known to be wimpy, timid, easily startled, sensitive, and weird. Mars is considerate and cares for others, but also tends to be scared of almost anything that is dangerous or reckless. He also tries to avoid situations let alone creating them. He is also very fast, meaning he can outrun the fastest person due to his constant running during his island challenge in the Alola Region. In other words, he'll literally run from the situation should it call for it (though running is his first choice due to anxiety and pressure, including fears). Although his anxiety is extremely bad, Victoria is always there to comfort him, even his group of friends, which relaxes his nerves. Mars is the son of Wilbur Whatley. Persona: Kamohoali'i
by Zerks
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