Astromech Droids are known to be companions for their masters and bringing a more comical and goofy sense of humor. Capable of hacking through areas accessible only for astromechs, they are helpful droids that will support their masters whenever they need it. They cannot fight like other units similar to the Protocols, but they can at least stun their enemies. They are extremely vulnerable to attacks, so a body guard is in order.
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R5-L16 is a astromech droid that serves it's master Kai Makita. He is known to be blunt, arrogant, stubborn, sassy, comical, and daring. R5 has been known to go to extreme lengths whenever there is danger and can even talk back to anyone who isn't his master. He was a good friend to R2-D2, another astromech droid like him, and both share the same personalities, making the relationship a brotherly bond. However, after the fall of the Republic, R5 and R2 were separated due to R5 ensuring that both R2 and C-3PO, a protocol droid, get out alive and leaving himself behind and eventually destroyed by the decree as a result. Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster, took the remaining parts of R5 and remodeled him to be like R2-D2, only with a lighter shade of blue. R5 was then taken to Kai and Yaquel's dorm room where he will be residing. He has been a sidekick and companion to Kai ever since.


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