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Bran Cobroch
Age: 49 Species: Human Race: Scottish
Bran Cobroch
/ Bran Cobroch
Age: 49 Species: Human Race: Scottish


Bran Cobroch is the father of Railo Cobroch and a few more kids. He is known to be maniacal, cold, stern, stubborn, hot-headed, alcoholic, abusive, and a favoritist. Bran, known primarily for his native Scottish accent (heavily), has been known for his abusive attitude and bloodthirsty behavior whenever he gets snappy, which is constant. He also hates illogical or, in his words, idiotic people who can't grasp even the smallest things. This is due to his siblings having severe mental disabilities and physical disabilities that make them function more like a giant baby. He constantly abuses Railo because of his anger not being directed towards someone he can call a punching bag, and even killed 16 nurses who are experts in diagnosis' because of his refusal for Railo to get one and that he can constantly fall into despair. When his wife was murdered, he tries to pin all the blame on Railo for the murders. However, when confronted about the murders he committed, he fell silent and revealed his true colors. Bran confessed that he never felt sympathy let alone love for his wife because she bullied him years ago at elementary and made his reputation as a laughing stock and only seeking the most famous jocks. He manages to win her heart by becoming tough and jock-like. However, this was part of his plan so that he could have his way with her forcefully, thus causing her to enter a wed-lock. He basically ruined her life after that because of the way she treated him. He also severely and mortally pummeled down his bullies who took extreme abusive turns against him. Even his own family, who constantly rejected him, were not spared and even became victims of their twisted and maniacal child, mentally broken. Sentenced to life in prison with no possibilities of parole, Bran didn't care for it. At first. Eventually, as months went by, he began to reflect on his life before sentenced to life in prison and reflecting on what he should've done for his own family rather than focusing on the past. 3 months later, Bran grew very soft and kind-hearted and wishes to see Railo and his kids. He also became very supportive for Railo, even filing child support with loads of money specifically for Railo alone, since the other kids are known to be spoiled and entitled like their mother and shutting him off of all contact. Since then, Bran has been known for his good behavior and even given a trial where his sentencing is reduced to 6 months in prison. Since then, Bran became a new man. He became sweet, loving, energetic, goofy, comical-like, loud, comedic, kind-hearted, and a true father figure.
by Oreb
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