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Name: Rei Mekaru
Powers: Pyrokinesis
Rei Mekaru
/ Name: Rei Mekaru
Powers: Pyrokinesis


Rei Mekaru is a student at Hope's Peak Academy and is the Ultimate Professor. Incredibly skilled in knowledge and logic, she is known to be clever, sharp, blunt, arrogant, and extremely well-educated/intelligent. Rei mocks those who she sees in her perspective useless, almost isn't phased by danger, and can be quick to becoming irritated because of someone's stupidity. Even though she's usually composed, there are times where her emotions get a bit of a hold on her, like when she was concerned for Yuki after he was rejected by his classmates and when Satsuki Iranami, the Ultimate Clown, confessed the entire case and bringing Rei to the full state of cooperation with the others even without the trials. In the Jurakan Universe, Cat sees great potential in Rei and opened her psyche, causing Rei to gain unnatural abilities. With that in place, he brings Rei Mekaru and the Danganronpa Classmates (Canon and Fanmade) to Hope's Peak High, All of them, though not all of them yet, becoming 1st semester students.
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