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York Zestor
York Zestor
/ York Zestor


York Zestor, A.K.A. Yorkie, is a 17 year old, severely autistic teen. He is known to be nonverbal, destructive, childish, ill-tempered, self-centered, aggressive, impatient, and conflicted. York cannot form sentences and can only make sounds to try and say something as well as screaming. He also lacks understanding and has difficulty to express himself as well as having a lack of reading expressions and consideration towards others feelings. His destructive behavior is not always anger or frustration, but rather because he likes to destroy anything that's breakable as of means of entertainment. Even destroying the inside and outside of the house is something he's capable of. His violent behavior towards his adoptive mother is also the reason why he has to be secluded from other students and special needs students when at school, because when inflicting pain on another human, his methods are biting, choking, ramming, etc. York often times flaps his hands and rocks back and forth from time to time too. His foster mother raised him when he was a baby, constantly having to deal with his constant violent behavior of a never-ending cycle. Worse yet, she has loads of health problems and they live out in the middle of nowhere because of York becoming a threat to the public. The endless cycle of dealing with York never stopped, and soon her health issues got the better of her when she died in her sleep at the age of 34. York was alone 7 days prior, and confused as to why his mom isn't waking up to care for him. Fortunately, Riley Hikota, a gifted boy, gave hints to Zenkichi Hasegawa, a PubSec member, about the issue and came to York's aid at the 7th day. York was found alone, tearing up quietly and sniffing, now realizing that his mother is never going to wake up again. Police and paramedics arrived, and York was taken to the hospital. Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster, put restraints on his arms and knees as of means to keep him from trying to make the hospital van crash. York could only scream and make loud sounds as he attempts to break free, but to no avail. York was having a meltdown throughout the entire ride and continued when he was set in the hospital rooms. He eventually calmed down 15 minutes later and was signed to be taken to foster care, only to be immediately adopted by Cat and claiming ownership of York, since Cat is the only one who can control the restraints grip functions. Currently, York is being cared properly by Cat thanks to the restraints, and is showing a more calmer and happy side of York, learning within just a few days due to Cat's strict yet therapeutic tactics that allows both to communicate with each other. York also stops screaming randomly and makes humming sounds and light noises. York was even taught how to read other peoples emotions and expressions, and learning expressions that he can make. Oh, he's become more patient, less destructive, and more obedient.
by kori
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