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Name: Mercurius Silverstar
Powers: Incredible Speed
Mercurius Silverstar
/ Name: Mercurius Silverstar
Powers: Incredible Speed


Mercurius Silverstar is a 19-year old college student who is known to have the childish yet purest heart. He's a very cliché guy and always thinks about others, not for himself. While he may be naïve, it doesn't mean he isn't dull either, knowing when and how to use wisdom, logic, and heart. Mercurius wasn't always like this, however. In fact, Mercurius Silverstar isn't even his real name. He was once known as Marvin Silvester. He was a huge bully to the weak and was very prideful. He was also a big narcissist. Pride soon got the better of him and he began to take away peoples futures, homes, and even snuffing out lives simply because he can. Marvin was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole. His entire family disowned him and friends simply forgotten about him, even going as so far as not knowing who he is. Marvin reflected on his past life and his crimes, trying to recall at least one trace of innocence. None did, and the more he reflected the more painful it is, even to the point of tears and finally realizing what he had and how much he lost, wasting his life on pride and greed. Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster, caused an accident to the prison, the one where Marvin resides, and Marvin himself got caught in the radioactivity the bomb was stored into, giving him the ability of speed. Cat helped reconstructed the prison with the price being Marvin freed from an eternal fate, and Marvin was given a new identity by Cat himself: Mercurius Silverstar. While Mercurius is known to be childish and goofy, he also knows when to get serious, but still crack up some jokes. Mercurius also stands up for the defenseless and weak, while also encouraging wholeheartedly for the aggressor to think purely and logically, even giving wise advice. He is currently residing in the Doom Manor and is one of the Main Game players.
by MO
by jennie
by Tank22
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