Albiern Rosta
/ Codename: Albiern
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Albiern is an Arabian dancer and one of the Seven Sides Crew. She is known to be both blunt and strict, and tends to mouth off whenever someone gets on her bad side. She was disgusted with Sandar due to being repulsive and childish. However, a soft side was shown when Sandar was heading back to the airship despite being at the cave where hidden treasure lies ahead. Of course she commanded him to come with them, but she stopped at her tracks as Sandar began heading towards his airship and called him out in a concern tone, getting the others attention. Eventually, she managed to convince him when as he was leaving and outwitting the others that were trying to stop him. It was then that she began to feel extremely bad and hurt as she was crushing an energetic man's personality due to her harshness. In the end of the journey, she accepted Sandar's childish, cheerful, and energetic personality.


by Donkey
by Me
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