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Name: Moshi Kototsuro
Moshi Kototsuro
/ Name: Moshi Kototsuro


Moshi Kototsuro is a 12 year old girl who is diagnosed with Baby Toddler Syndrome and is Shiobake's little sister. She is known to be extremely fussy, always wanting to play, gets moody very easily, and constantly seeks attention. She's also nonspeaking. Because of the attention she gets from her parents more due to her condition, Shiobake formed a wrathful jealousy toward his sister and will usually pick on her. It only got worse when Shiobake was driven into insanity, where he would physically torment her whether be sitting on her face, throwing her across the room, kicking her like a soccer ball, etc. He also does more life threatening things like suffocation, beating, biting, and cutting. Moshi is a big crybaby, so Shiobake knows how to easily upset her. Shiobake does this because of the lack of attention his parents give him even when he wasn't insane, already considering him a mistake. Eventually, Moshi's parents soon lost custody over her when Judge Geronimo confirms Shiobake's behavior and, years later, was placed into Shiobake's custody. Shiobake, at least a bit sane to think now, still acts childish on her like he used to, only not worse and surprisingly caring her needs, though not her wants, which makes Moshi have a tantrum, though Shiobake has solutions to discipline her despite being way off the league... It's a long story/explanation.


by 轉轉
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