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Name: Barry Makita
Powers: Blueberry Body Expansion/Inflation/Manipulation
Barry Makita
/ Name: Barry Makita
Powers: Blueberry Body Expansion/Inflation/Manipulation


Barry Makita is a student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Blueberry. He is also the son of Xavier Makita and is one of the students currently living at the Doom Manor with the Doom Patrol. Childish, playful, energetic, goofy, reckless, and a bit of an attention seeker. He is also a very clumsy guy, often making simple yet rational decisions before thinking. Despite his childish behavior, he is very considerate and loving towards others and does his best to lighten up the mood despite his noticeable panicking and will feel hurt and useless should he get ridiculed, shut down, or ignored, leaving Barry into tears. In other words, he's very sensitive. Nevertheless, his cheerful and happy ego is what gives his companions less burdens. Also, Barry has his moments where he begins to feel very heavy and bloating all of a sudden, a sign that usually states that he can't properly control it as his body slowly begins to expand and inflate into a giant ball of a blueberry humanoid. It's also no surprise that, due to his moments, he's been having a bit of a wardrobe malfunction from time to time. Ultimate: Blueberry


by bri
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