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Name: Jouki Susano-o
Powers: Weather Manipulation
Jouki Susano-o
/ Name: Jouki Susano-o
Powers: Weather Manipulation


Jouki Susano-o is a former prince who suffers from cerebral palsy and is feared by the locals. Demonized, pushed away, and mocked because of the way he is, Jouki has lived a terrible and abusive life. For one, he's very sweet, gentle, kind-hearted, and considerate. He was the oldest among his siblings and was suppose to take the throne. However, his family did not love him and doesn't want him to take the throne, so his father exiled him for 1 year to "prove" that he's worthy of the throne. Jouki soon met the Doom Patrol and stayed with them until a year passed and, when he returned, saw that the throne was already taken by one of his brothers. Mix of emotions sprawled into Jouki's mind until suddenly, he snapped. Awakening his powers, he began to shift storms immediately, demolishing and killing the entire population of his village and killing his own family. It took the Doom Patrol's Hope's Peak High students Dajieon Rokata, Eta Makita, Syobai Hashimoto, Kiyotaka Ishimaru, Crazy Jane, Rita Farr, Cliff Steele, Tira Fellords, and Larry Trainor to stop Jouki before he loses control over himself. Heartbroken, hurt, and despaired, Jouki begs to go back to stay with them, to which they all agreed. Tagging along with his new friends/family, the only people who accepted him, he plays a major role within the team.


by Aki
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