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Codename: Ling
Ling Huang
/ Codename: Ling


Ling is a student council president at Shujin Academy. She is a Chinese transfer student and is known to be sharp, smart, formal, mature, and considerate. She was one of the girls that usually gossips and trash talks about Xao Chuo, a bullied kid because of his father being an alcoholic and his mother who was a stripper and died in a car accident after abandoning her own kid to the dad. Years later, she became a member of the student council and became president. Unfortunately, her life got hit by reality as her father died due to a prophecy that depicts her father being ran over by a car the same way that Xao's mom had died. The prophecy was told by Jurakan after he demolished the small village and making life worse for her as now her older brother has to watch over her and two little brothers, who go to the same school with her. She and her three brothers now attend Hope's Peak Juvenile for Ultimate Students. She did her best to avoid them out of shame because of how she was seen as failure of a student president and being hated with grills. She then ran outside the school and into the plain wilderness to get help but was attacked by Shadows, only to be saved by Victoria and her group. When she was questioned, she explained that she just wanted to be useful in some way for someone and told them about her village being destroyed years ago, which made Xao surprised because he knew the president had a daughter and trash talked about him, though it didn't upset him but rather relieved. This made the students silent and none said a word for 10 seconds until Shadows stormed inside the building and began to attack. Ling was shocked and afraid until she saw an Evoker on the floor. Suddenly filled with determination and confidence, she picked up the Evoker and awakened her Persona. When she finished off the remaining Shadows, Victoria asked if she could join the group, which she agreed. The next day, Xao met Ling at the library and talked to her about his life and revealing his past, as well as his name and that he's a Persona-user. Soon, Xao and Ling forged a powerful bond that could never be broken. Persona: Hua Mulan
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