/ Arsan
Tribe: Phantoms Shadow Persona: Arséne Element: Eiha
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Leader of the Phantom Tribe and Shadow-tuner. A cognitive Shadow form of Ren Amamiya, Arsan lacks any ability to comprehend feelings, often being blunt and logical to the point. However, his blunt actions only surround logical conclusions rather than emotional feelings, as such when he found the entrance leading to reality and seeing people as a source of food for his tribe. However, his eyes glow normal to blank from time to time either from feeling or memories unknown to him. However, he called back his men thanks to the intervenience of Yuru Saitachi, Dustin Teroka, and Izumi Nikumai, or in their Datagear form Vrana, Splash, and Fae. Back in the Night Realm, Arsan agrees to join an alliance with the Light Tribe. Managing to save Jeremy from both Cranio, a traitor to the Phantom Tribe, and himself out of hunger until he was defeated and mortally wounded. Upon dying, Arsan told Jeremy to become a man of honor for the Lord, and to keep his chin up in life. Arsan's eyes finally and permanently switched from blank to a black yet crystal clear irises until finally closing his eyes and dying saying his last words. The group knew the dangers and took Jeremy back to reality. Cranio, hungry for power, devoured Arsan's corpse.


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