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Suguru Kamoshida (Retired)
Species: Human Race: Japanese Social Link: Strength Sub-Initial Persona: Bacchus
Suguru Kamoshida
/ Suguru Kamoshida (Retired)
Species: Human Race: Japanese Social Link: Strength Sub-Initial Persona: Bacchus


An ex-prisoner released from jail after a bail payment by Cat Makita and the foster father of Morako Wakaba. Once a pervertive and abusive gym teacher who confessed his crimes after having a change of heart. Since then, he became the opposite of who he once was. He is shown to be a laid-back, calm, and composed man who lost his muscular physic, since he didn't want to look like the same Kamoshida he once was. He can also be a jokester and highly gluttonous, as well as being heavily gassy and a slob, gorging food constantly and snacking. Due to retirement, he since took care of Morako, who he protected during imprisonment together because of the dangerous criminals that show a much more sinister side of them. Despite being the foster dad for Morako, the roles are also the opposite, since Morako is the one taking care of Suguru because of how lazy Suguru can be. Still, a father and son bond still forges strongly between the two to the point it's unconditional love. Suguru still plays a father role for Morako, but unfortunately has to stay inside his home due to the public. Yet despite this, Suguru is very open-hearted and outgoing. Suguru often helps out Morako with his potion brewing back at Hogwarts, though that often comes in failure with Suguru rapidly increasing in size of a drastically enormous, gelatinous tub of fat stemming from all parts of his body, with the rear being the biggest. Still, Suguru is patient and compassionate, and will continue being Morako's guardian and support. Suguru shows a much friendlier side of his, finally acknowledging his weaknesses and accepting his past mistakes, now moving forward without being a cowardice, lustful man he formerly is now. Hiruso and Cailleb, with the power of the Wild Card, can form a strong relationship with Suguru and max out their Confident with him, thus allowing the ability to fuse the Sub-Initial Persona, Bacchus.


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