Susanna Hopkins
/ Susanna Hopkins
Age: 11 Species: Human Race: Japanese Avatar Persona: Macha Element: Psi Weapon: Shotgun

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A 6th grader at Hope's Peak High assigned to the Hope's Peak Student Building and gymnast. A courageous, cheerful, and energetic girl with a passion for acrobatics. She loves her step father but hates her biological father due to seeing him as a man who can't support his family, despite both fathers actually doing their best to put in work for the family and only resented him because of not getting her what she wants, since her biological father, Peter Hopkins, did not make much money and was currently broke. Thus, she never regretted having another father take Peter's place after Peter and Susanna's mother divorced, and marrying the man who bullied Peter. Everything went well. At first. Few years later, she would later find out the truth of her mother's goal: have her kids become rich even if it means to sacrifice lives as well as herself. Susanna would also lose her best friends by the hands of hungry Shadow-tuners, eating her friends who supported her and reminded her to never give up on her blood father. Susanna would then tragically learn the truth of what her mother's been doing behind her, her step father, and her siblings back. The method on how she got the money in the first place. As it turns out, her mother has been gathering dirty money by entering strip clubs, becoming a prostitute, and even having a few connections to the mafia. As well as the current attack and murder of her friends, as Susanna was forced to watch her best childhood friends be devoured by Shadow-tuners, consumed by raging hunger for consumption of human meat. Heartbroken and afraid, she quickly gathered her belongings and headed towards the school dorms, where she booked up one and stayed there for the remainder of her school years. She would also awaken to her Avatar Persona and become a leading group for her party, as well as playing a sideline yet prominent role for her side of the journey she takes upon with her allies.


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