Guardian Units
/ Narasimha
Guardians are greater tanks never to be underestimated. Strong, fierce, and regal, they focus heavily on support and defense as well as helping their teammates do a little bit more on damage. Narasimha's Special Ability: Causes Bloodloss
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Narasimha is the 4th Avatar of Vishnu and is the Hindu God of Protection. He is known to be fierce, outgoing, cheerful, hot-headed, and easygoing. In Hindu Mythology, Hiranyakashipu, the Asura demon king, became extremely spiteful after the loss of his beloved brother Hiranyaksha by the hands of Vishnu's 3rd Avatar Varaha, a Boar god, and thus granted himself a boon from Brahma that made him somewhat immortal due to the conditions of being killed. Hiranyakashipu even went so far as to attempt to execute his son Prahlada for devoting himself towards Vishnu. When that failed and decides to fight Vishnu head on by smashing a pillar, Narasimha came forth from the now broken pillar and fought Hiranyakashipu until dusk hit. Narasimha then subdued Hiranyakashipu and managed to secure Brahma's boon successfully using these methods: Hiranyakashipu cannot be killed by day nor by night. It was dusk. He cannot be killed inside nor outside of the buildings. Narasimha sat at the entrance of the palace. He cannot be killed by neither man nor beast. Narasimha was neither of those, because he was both of those things. Lastly, he cannot be killed by manmade weapons. Narasimha instead uses his razor sharp claws to cut open Hiranyakashipu's stomach and ripping out his insides viciously, thus sealing Hiranyakashipu's fate. Narasimha also had some moments of anger and thus began to spew out fire and was even successful in escaping a lock against Shiva's incarnate Sharabha, a fierce man winged bird. Only Prahlada manages to successfully calm down Narasimha and Vishnu, thus the two separated successfully. Narasimha became more friendlier and outgoing from then on. Narasimha, now retired, soon finds himself with a new master name Victoria Mars, the main female protagonist, thus becoming one of her Primary Units. Gatekeeper: Victoria Mars




by Gina
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