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Name: Delta Anami
Powers: Myokinesis
Delta Anami
/ Name: Delta Anami
Powers: Myokinesis


Delta Anami is a member of the Doom Patrol and is one of the students of Hope's Peak High. He is known to be rash, goofy, exotic, erotic, jumpy, and is diagnosed with Solipsism Syndrome. He was known to kill small animals like cats and dogs because, due to his syndrome, he thinks that he's the only one existing and that all he sees around him is made up in his mind. It wasn't until an accident occurs, being bitten by leeches (his phobia) and gaining the ability of Myokinesis, A.K.A. Muscle Manipulation (Undenounced to him that Cat Makita was responsible for implanting a mutated myogenetic cell into one of the leeches). Delta joined the Doom Patrol as of means to control his powers and make use of them. However, he's known to be horny. VERY horny, as his fetish is to expand his body even to the point that he becomes immobile. There are also times where he flirts or drools for women, even to the point of being a creep. Niles Caulder, the Chief, is currently making Delta undergo therapy sessions with each other, with Delta being a bit more calm and getting the help he needs as time (days) pass by. Even when Niles death took him, Delta never forgotten the feeling of being loved like a son and only making him more determined to live his life like none other, even going so far as to protect/help those in need, curing his Solipsism Disorder. Rita Farr, A.K.A. Elasti-Woman, is taking the role of a mother for Delta. While others see him as a complete menace to society, deep down he's just a little boy needing love from someone that his own family did not give him. Ultimate: Weightlifter
by Kyle
by widow
by Gh2da
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