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Codename: Angeleman
Corellia Angeleman
/ Codename: Angeleman


Corellia Angeleman is a teacher for teenagers who want/need a special connection with God. She is strict, sweet, loving, caring, protective, funny, and selfless. As teacher, she makes the students do activities like communicating with partners, school writing, doing schoolwork, school etc. One of the students, a 6th-grader protagonist named Cldoraun, kept seeing the two spiders but no one else. He kept saying that something is after him, but Angeleman tried to calm him down saying that she doesn't see any spiders and no one else. But as time passed, Cldoraun went missing for a while as he was tasked to deliver some envelops to the front desk. Just then, the two spiders became visible in their eyes and spoke to them, saying that he's lost and will never return. Then they disappeared. In the end, it was revealed that the two spiders were behind on Cldoraun's disappearance but was stopped and defeated by their captive. Angeleman now knows and understands that she has to be more cautious about things unseen and hidden beyond the naked eye.


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by Bella
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