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Name: Ernesto Guadalupe
Powers: Persona (Narasimha), Fire Generation/Mimicry
Ernesto Guadalupe
/ Name: Ernesto Guadalupe
Powers: Persona (Narasimha), Fire Generation/Mimicry


Ernesto Guadalupe is a Puerto Rican schoolboy known to be a reckless rebel. As his role of being a trouble maker and a class clown suggests, he is stubborn, ruthless, lazy, a bit of a pervert, glutton, and idiotic. Despite his recklessness, he's actually suffering from loneliness and has a hard time trying to express his true self: Kind, sensitive, soft, considerate, and a jokester, and a guy who would lend a hand to others. The reason why he is like that is because of the past of witnessing his family die in a car accident. This traumatized him greatly, therefore making his life worse. When he began working with his companions and started making bonds with others, he started to open up a little more of himself. Ernesto is also the one who doesn't tolerate others bullying and/or threatening another person for their self gain. He is also known to understand and respect a person. While he can be hot-headed, intimidating, and an idiot, he's has a soft heart and still shows off his goofy, comical, childish, and comedic side. Persona: Narasimha


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