Donavon Hutson
/ Donavon Hutson
Age: 44-45 Species: Human Race: American Powers: Super Intelligence Abilities: Technician, Mechanic, Inventor
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Leader of the 3Darks and anti-protagonist of the 7Individuals. He is a deranged man who has high IQ of 200 yet with very problematic mental issues. He says and acts without thinking and is a heavy alcoholic. Donavon is very gluttonous and heavily gassy to the point no one even suspects that it was him who broke wind in the first place. Yet despite his crazy actions that result in destruction and his murderous intentions, he's a very soft hearted and sensitive man deep down and only wishes to be loved and considered. Even if he tries to deny help, he greatly appreciates his only 2 teammates because deep down, he's their friend. There are times where he becomes one of the 7Individuals enemies, but in the end he becomes their greatest allies as he puts his feud against them aside.


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