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Disu Rokata
Powers: Cancelation
Disu Rokata
/ Disu Rokata
Powers: Cancelation


Disu Rokata is a special student at Hope's Peak High diagnosed with severe autism and is the last offspring of Deven Rokata. He is known to be extremely fussy, energetic, whiney, hyperactive, loud, playful, and lack of understanding/surroundings. Disu was born with dysfunctional legs that can hardly make him walk, and often has to crawl like a baby. Though usually on an automatic wheelchair, Disu will throw a tantrum whenever he wants something, and would attempt to crawl away in order to play and have fun despite the events in his life that occurred. He also uses the bathroom on himself, which is why he's constantly in an automatic wheelchair. It's tough for Disu to get along with other people because of his fussy behavior, and he wonders why nobody wants to be his friend. He also can't read other peoples expressions and emotions as well as what they do, not understanding what's going on constantly and therefore living in his own fantasy world. Hatcat Makita, firstborn son of the Makita siblings and offspring of Xavier Makita, was the only one who took care of him before enrolling Disu to Hope's Peak High and placing him under the care of his younger brother Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster. Kai Makita, Yaquel Guardonas, Sugaro Jekata, and Foxy Makita are the only ones who were there for Disu whenever he felt lonely, and was even booked into their dorm room when Cat notices a huge change into Disu's personality. Currently, Disu is less fussy and became more easy to please, now learning to accept what he's received. Dis also forged a bond with his father that can never be broken, a bond he eagerly yearned for for years.
by Joii
by kiki
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