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Name: Yuki Maeda
Powers: Heaven's Luck
Yuki Maeda
/ Name: Yuki Maeda
Powers: Heaven's Luck


Yuki Maeda is a student at Hope's Peak Academy and is the Ultimate Lucky Student. He is known to be naïve, easily startled, friendly, kind-hearted, innocent, and sensitive. Yuki is known to have a close friendship with both Sora, talent unknown, and Shinji Kasai, the Ultimate Firefighter, though Yuki usually calls him Big Bro. Yuki is an honest student who only wants to be friends with his classmates and have a good school life, but Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster, had other plans in stored and fused both Yuki and Utsuro together, both now having extremely good luck. With that outta the way, he brought Yuki and his classmates, new and old, to Hope's Peak High. Also, thanks to the fused power of the two lucky students, his talent became a supernatural-like power and bringing an Alter Ego of Mikado Sannoji's plans for luck to ruin. (For the official story of all the characters in the fanmade franchise, play Danganronpa Another and Super Danganronpa Another 2 and support LINUJ, the original creators) Ultimate: Lucky Student
by Val
by ashhh
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