Jean Bellows
/ Jeanette "Jean" Bellows
Age: 15-16 Species: Mutant Race: American
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The 2nd born of the Bellows Sisters and ally. Like her twin sister Vex, she is stubborn, a bit of a jerk, snarky, and one who will easily be grounded due to the trouble she and her twin sister causes. Both sisters are responsible for conjuring a malevolent entity name Nora Blackwell, a witch who once lived in that house, and is plagued by her through her own younger brother Ian Bellows, who fell into a state of a "comatose". She and her sister began to regret everything what they have done and locked away the board to keep their family safe. Jean, sick of watching her brother suffer, volunteered to become the witch's vessel, and now she became infected while Ian gets back into his own body and out of the Further. Skit and Aileen Bellows rebuked the witch to return to the Further, invoking the name of Jesus and trapping the witch. The family immediately moved out of the house after the family was saved by Jesus. She and her family would later survive an attack from their doppelgängers with the help of the Roosevelt family and the Bellows Brothers. While Vex has matured a bit more, Jean still suffers from terrors and is forced to survive a murdering spree at Camp Crystal Lake from a deranged mother and using her powers once again to survive (yes, she did use her powers, just not much). Jean survives the killing spree and has matured as well, becoming a strong, intelligent young girl with backbone. Thoracickinetic Applications: Breast Inflation: Can increase her breast size with no limitations of growth. She utilizes this ability to cushion any attacks. Laser Tits: Can release a simple glowing cyan beam. Upon contact to any tangible matter will result in that matter to immediately combust. Ballistic Tities: Can emit machine guns from her breasts. Yes, from her breasts.


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