Kokichi Ouma
/ Kokichi Ouma
Powers: Trickery, Deception

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Kokichi Ouma is an ultimate student at Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Supreme Leader of Pranks. He is known to be mischievous, silly, comical, goofy, comedic, childish, child-like, bubbly, and kind-hearted. Kokichi was saved from a certain future doom after Cat Makita, the Ultimate Headmaster at Hope's Peak High, gave him back his old memories and self, and gave him some casual clothing instead of his fabricated ones. Though rude and insensitive, he's shown to have a more softer and silent type while also being energetic. The sudden change of Kokichi immediately made everyone surprised, and seeing Kokichi more cheerful and happy in a more different and positive way. Kokichi is also shown to give wise advice and will put his feelings aside for others, unlike his fabricated counterpart. Kokichi, who once had a negative reputation, began to earn both respect and friends, and is even proven to be helpful in the class trials. Currently, he and Kaito Momota, the Ultimate Astronaut, used to be roommates before Kaito had to be moved to the Doom Manor, where Gonta Gokuhara, the Ultimate Entomologist, was a replacement. Both Gonta and Kokichi forged a huge bond with each other that can never be broken. Ultimate: Supreme Leader of Pranks




by LC
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