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Cairo Dory
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American
Cairo Dory
/ Cairo Dory
Age: 14 Species: Human Race: Caucasian/American


Cairo Dory is a freshman at Hope's Peak High and is the Pactbearer of Wrath. He is known to be stubborn, a bit creepy, awkward, violent, twisted, ill-tempered, and kind-hearted. Cairo was a bullied kid who was constantly tormented because of his poor situation due to the lack of money. He tried to become stronger and stronger so that his mother and father wouldn't have to worry about their son being bullied, and always despised those who pity him and trying to help him out because he wanted to do things on his own strength. After making a pact with Lyssa, Monark of Wrath, he trapped everyone in the first-year school building and causing a rampage slaughter against all the students who bullied and pitied him. When he was defeated by Railo and Kell, bruised and spiritually broken, and watched as his Ideal shatters before him, Kell aggressively grabbed tight on Cairo's jacket and bluntly stated as to how much damaged he's caused towards others but then slowly toning down his voice to encourage him and comfort him. He even revealed about the hoodie mysteriously appearing at their front door for their son and how he bought it for him because he did it out of love and care for him and his parents and family, prompting Cairo to break down in tears, sobbing as he now acknowledges what he's done. After being freed from the Otherworld, Cairo became an official member of the HPC and shows his true personality: sweet, kind-hearted, obedient, childlike, and is diagnosed with Asperger Syndrome.


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