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Nakashi Tunada
Nakashi Tunada
/ Nakashi Tunada


Nakashi is a student of Hope's Peak High and is the Ultimate Student President. She was viewed as a sweet and caring girl who only wants the best of others, when in reality she is a sociopath who has no care for others and committed murder numerous times so that she can eliminate anyone who stands in the way of perfection. Unfortunately for her, her true colors would eventually be revealed during the class trial as God (Yahweh) guided Kai Makita, the main protagonist, by using all the evidence gathered to pin the murder on Nakashi. Before the class trial, Nakashi began to plot a murder against Daythona Heathens, the Ultimate Singer, by taking advantage of the assembly that was holding inside the gymnasium. Nakashi formally asked Daythona to meet her at the back stage of the gym stage, where they'll be seated till their role is called, and with no witnesses uses a screwdriver to kill Daythona towards the back of her head. Once the deed was done, Nakashi takes her plan into action. Using piano wires, her first attempt failed and Daythona's body received cuts all around her. Nakashi's second attempt was a success nevertheless, positioning Daythona into a cross-like state on the board used for plays, and then changing her clothes so as well as washing the blood off of her and then incinerated her clothes, though this was before she showered. However, just when she was about to incinerate the murder weapon (don't worry, she puts on her normal clothes again), the body discovery announcement played, and Nakashi panicked that she'll be deemed suspicious, dropping the weapon in her classroom and storming off to act like nothing just happened. She also reassured Cubby Bowls, a special student diagnosed with BTS, that both Daythona and Nakashi would spend time with him to make the gingerbread house (which sadly proves not). Just as Kai managed to get almost every evidence to pin the murder on her, she tries to play innocent by pretending she's being misunderstood, which eventually made people feel sorry for her as well as Cubby, who is nonverbal, who is desperately trying to deny that she did it, reaching his arms while tightening and loosening his little fingers whining. However, Kai made it very clear that if she really is innocent, she needs evidence to back up her claims. Eventually, Nakashi became frustrated and started to break out of her persona and revealing the ugly truth about her. Cubby was still doing what he was doing, whining and complaining in order to express that she's a nice lady, when Nakashi suddenly snapped at him and told him to "shut the f**k up, you good for nothing piece of sh*t". Cubby's expression of throwing a hissy fit tantrum instantly transformed into utter shock, disbelief, and hurt as he fell silent. Everyone fell silent as the respected, sweet, and cheerful girl Nakashi was turns out to be a sociopathic menace of pure evil and insanity. Nakashi character ultimately breaks, and it only worsens as Kai managed to use the last evidence to officially pin the murder against her. Nakashi, in utter disbelief that she just got caught, makes a bloodcurdling scream as she breaks down into insanity, which eventually traumatizes Cubby and begins to lower his head down towards his automatic wheelchair now seeing Nakashi for what she truly is: a monster. Kai closed off the argument with a full summary of the crime, and the votes proved correct that Nakashi is revealed to be the blackened (anyone who is considered a blackened would be eventually executed on the spot with no remorse). Everyone couldn't believe what just transpired, but Kai already knew from the very beginning as to who she was, for the Lord had told him to not trust her. Nakashi, furious with the results, angrily confessed that she had no care for human life from the very beginning and strived for one thing: perfection, which she eventually saw Daythona as a threat to her reputation just like the others. Cat announced her execution despite her loud reluctances of pure insanity, and the School President Meltdown Show Execution commenced. Tied up on a spinning wheel, she was spun around and around as the the wheel slowly descended into a pit of lava, where Nakashi was burned alive and dying on the spot as she makes even more bloodcurdling screams. Nakashi is one of Kai's many foes who are full of pure insanity and evil, and Kai deeply wished that if Nakashi just confessed whole-heartedly about what transpired or became what she was as is the whole time, none of this wouldn't have to happen. Cat too confessed that he really didn't want to do this, but was left with no other options in order to protect the students he deeply loves despite his actions, showing a character of actual heart and even tearing up in front of the people in the class trial room. There are two playable protagonists to choose from. The first is of course Kai Makita, and the second is Junpei Iori. Ultimate: School President
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