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Gimel Takata
Age: 9 Species: Human Race: Japanese/American Powers: Gyrokinesis
Gimel Takata
/ Gimel Takata
Age: 9 Species: Human Race: Japanese/American Powers: Gyrokinesis


Gimel Takata is the younger son of Sylvester Takata and a boy diagnosed with Severe Autism. He is known to be destructive, awkward-like, playful, energetic, and nonspeaking. Gimel already became too much for his foster parents to handle and was sent back to the adoption center and reclaimed by his biological father Sylvester. Given a room with much space, while blank sheets of paper to tear up, his favorite, and kept their inside with nothing but just a large room and a bunch of already torn up paper caused by him, Gimel became more and more destructive and even to the point of violence because of lacking the acknowledge of his surroundings and because he loves to break stuff because to him it's fun. This is the reason why Gimel never receives toys, is prohibited from going outside his room, or even visits because of his outlandish and violent behavior. And yes, he also has meltdowns constantly and becomes both physically and mentally drained once he's back to normal. That would soon change when Kakoru Sakurada, an autism specialist, came to help out his behavior. On the first day, Gimel responded to Kakoru by charging at him and trying to bite him, punch him, and even strangling him because of his curiosity of what would happen. However, Kakoru is used to this and easily overpowers him and holds him tightly around his body as if hugging him in the air. Gimel, of course, shouts, screams, and flailing around in frustration to the point that he broke down to screaming in sadness and despair, eventually stopping himself from trying to break free of the hold. Kakoru then lays on the floor while still locking him tight then slowly loosening it and even massaging his head as Gimel cools down a bit. Gimel falls asleep after 15 minutes of shouting and still being held on by Kakoru, only this time it's a soft hug. By the time Gimel woke up, Kakoru was still there for him and begins to take a liking to him to the point that it became loving, as if Kakoru's his fatherly figure. As time went by, Gimel improved a lot thanks to Kakoru and even goes outside of his room and showing that he's improved a lot and eventually begins to see that not all objects and people are worth destroying and dislikes destruction. He eventually grew heavily close to his family now, mostly his cousins and siblings. His female siblings cousins usually spends time with him by playing house with him and laughs uncontrollably whenever he sees the dramas they perform funny. As for his male cousins and siblings, he likes to play Wii games with them and the Nintendo Switch, as well as with his brothers and cousins, which is playing, wiggling, and smacking the fattest parts of their bodies (belly and buttocks) as he is amusing and interesting of the jiggling and wobbling. Gimel would become a companion to Kakoru after sneaking himself on board while Kakoru himself begins to head into a deserted island to find Dominic Makita. After both managed to escape along with Dominic via helicopter, Gimel is still currently happy and doing well and begins to love observation of peoples reactions, silliness, and loves to watch old school cartoon shows such as Tom n Jerry, Looney Tunes, Scooby-Doo, and Betty Boop. He even loves to watch Kaiju movies. Gimel became extremely close towards Kai Makita, his cousin, and loves to see him do things that are obnoxious and yet funny and always looking up to him, eventually forging a big bro n little bro bond with each other that can never be broken, becoming one of his greatest allies yet.


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