The specification that the thumbnail is not visible in R18, please stop. Don't use it for religious or political activities or discrimination. No profit-generating use. If discovered, donate all proceeds to the Red Cross. The producer assumes no responsibility for any trouble, loss or damage that may occur as a result of the use of these models. There are only a few models available for DL, but I would like to add more little by little! I'm trying to make the vrm character as full-bodied and as vrm as possible. Many of the characters are very simply dressed for the purpose of playing games. Since it is used in Craftopia, models are often naked or underwear only. For example, leotards and swimsuits only. I don't know if it works with velheim, I've never played with it.   I don't know if I can create a character and redistribute costumes, etc.... So many models are only linked. Sorry if I have the wrong settings for the DL-enabled model. ※The vrm model can be verup without notice. MakeAvatar's vrm seems to be a specification that only the creator can use. How can I bring it to unity with MakeAvatar's vrm output? I am not interested in creating equipment, so I just use what is handed out or use presets. Now it's all about making vrm for craftopia. When bored, vrm creation stops.

Donkey's characters

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