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Privacy Policy

pixiv inc. ("Company") respects the privacy of the members ("Users") who use the Company's VRoid Hub or VRoid Studio ("Service"), and pays close attention to the management of Users' personal information.

1. Personal Information

"Personal information" refers to personal data, including name, address, date of birth, age, sex, address, phone number, family members, email address, ID, IP address, place of work, department, work address, work number, credit card number, bank account number, viewing history, information concerning user complaints, consultations or inquiries, which alone, or in combination of two or more, can be used to identify a specific person.

2. Purposes of Use

The Company will use personal information obtained through Users' use of the Service for the following purposes.

  1. To provide the Service;
  2. To use User age, sex, interests and other information in order to make determinations in improving the Service, providing new services, and placing and distributing advertisements;
  3. To prevent use in a manner that breaches the Terms of Use for the Service and to solve operational issues;
  4. To prepare statistical data of User usage (however, when preparing such data, personal information shall be processed so as to render identification of individuals impossible);
  5. To ascertain the state of User usage and to use such information for improvement of the Service and development of new services;
  6. To confirm applications for email delivery service and to deliver emails;
  7. To send notices of contests, campaigns, sweepstakes results, to send products etc., and to send rewards to survey respondents;
  8. To send information on assorted membership-only services and other assorted services;
  9. To send requests for participation in surveys or events, and to report on the results thereof; and
  10. To understand the state of usage of the Product, the Service, the Website, etc. and to deliver information of and surveys from the Company and other companies and organizations thought to be beneficial to Users

3. Use Restrictions

The Company will use the personal information obtained through Users' use of the Service only to the extent necessary for achievement of the purposes of use above, except for the following cases:

  1. When complying with laws and regulations;
  2. When needed for protection of a person's life, physical well-being or property, and obtaining the User's consent is difficult;
  3. When particularly needed for improvement of public health or promotion of healthy development of children, and obtaining the User's consent is difficult; and
  4. When it is necessary to cooperate in the execution of administrative work stipulated by laws and regulations by a national government agency, local public entity or a person engaged to act on behalf of the foregoing, and obtaining the User's consent may interfere with such execution

4. Manner of Obtaining Personal Information

  1. The Company will obtain User personal information to the extent of a User’s use of the Service.
  2. Other personal information will be obtained in an appropriate and fair manner, and no personal information will be obtained in an unauthorized manner that is contrary to a User’s intent.

5. Notices concerning Obtaining of Information

When the Company will obtain personal information in a manner other than through a User’s use of the Service, the Company will provide prior notification or announcement of the purpose of use of such information. The Company will also make announcement in the Service of any change to the purposes of use.

6. Management of Personal Information

The Company will manage User personal information properly and securely.

7. Entrustment of Management

The Company may engage a third party to handle the personal information obtained. In this case, the Company will execute a necessary agreement with such service provider, and oversee the service provider to ensure that personal information is managed in an appropriate manner.

8. Provision of Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not in principle provide User personal information to a third party without User consent. Provided, however, that the foregoing will not apply in the following cases:

  1. When the Company engages a third party to provide part of the Service, and provides personal information to that third party to the extent necessary for performance of the relevant service;
  2. When, with the purpose of providing statistical information, individual pieces of personal information are collected or analyzed, and after such data is processed into a format rendering identification of individuals impossible, such statistical data is disclosed;
  3. When, with the purpose of invoicing Users who use paid services, the Company deposits the personal information of Users who use paid services to the payment settlement system company, the credit company and the bank engaged by the Company.
  4. When engaging a service provider to deliver materials to Users; and
  5. When disclosure or provision of personal information is allowed under laws and regulations

9. Disclosure of Personal Information

The Company will disclose a User's personal information upon request from the relevant User. Provided, however, that such information may not be disclosed in whole or in part in any of the following cases:

  1. When there is a likelihood of harm to the life, physical well-being, property or other rights of the User or a third party;
  2. When disclosure would significantly impede the Company's performance of services; and
  3. When disclosure would be in violation of laws or regulations

10. Correction etc. of Personal Information

When a User asks the Company to correct or make an addition to said User's personal information, the Company will verify the identity of said User and the accuracy of the correction etc. and address the matter properly.

11. Cookie Policy

When a User uses a Company service or visits a Company web page, the Company will use User cookie information ("Cookies etc.") to automatically obtain information such as the page that such User visited and the User's usage environment, and will store such information on the Company server. This information is not obtained for the purpose of identifying individuals, but will be used for the purpose of improving service. Please review the purpose of use and the manner of use below.

Storing basic settings: In order to provide Users with a more comfortable service environment, Company services use cookies to store Users' customized displays and other settings.

Login and account authentication: Company services use cookies for automatic account authentication. Users who log in using personal pixiv accounts can move to different pages and log in for a second and subsequent times without entering their account information.

Understanding the state of usage and improving service: To help the Company provide services better catered to User interests and needs, the Company uses Google Analytics, provided by Google LLC. and Unity Analytics, provided by Unity Technologies. for understanding and analyzing the state of service usage. Google Analytics uses cookies to analyze the state of use of Company services. The Google Analytics Terms of Service and Google Privacy Policy stipulate how Google collects and uses information it accesses.

To turn off Google Analytics, please download and install the Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on from the URL below; you will be able to change the browser add-on settings.

Users may use settings to choose whether to allow the use of Cookies etc. Users who wish to retract permission for cookie use in the Service should delete cookies in their browsers.

Please note that prohibiting the use of Cookies etc. may result in the unavailability of some service settings and services that require Cookies etc.

12. Disclaimers

The Company assumes no liability whatsoever for any damage arising from acquisition of personal information by a third party in the following cases:

  1. When a User discloses personal information to a third party using a Company service function or other means; and
  2. When information a User entered on a Company service enabled identification of the User.

13. Inquiries

Except for cases where there is a risk of interference with proper performance of Company services, the Company will maintain a state where the personal information of Users the Company possesses can be accessed easily only by the User in question. To confirm, correct or delete any such information, please use the method prescribed by the Company.

Any inquiries or complaints from a User about disclosure, correction or deletion of the User's own personal information should be made to the Company.

14. Revision of Privacy Policy

The Company may revise this Privacy Policy in whole or in part without notice. Any revision will be announced on this Website.